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Dual Role PM or 1 PM and 1 CSM on teams

Page history last edited by Deb Christner 11 years, 6 months ago


Here is a compilation of discussion notes...it is disjointed and just captured as the topic was discussed...


**It's all about subtle control and results - Is it ok to deliver no points?***


**Keep in mind that the Product Owner is in essence the 'PM' who defines the work.  Does the Product Owner really represent all the stakeholders?**


**CSMs work like PMs...they are the interface between the team and 'obstacles' within the environment**


**Some areas have adopted the philosophy to make your PM their servant leader.  Some PMs do this anyway - it's their style.**


**CSMs are not responsible for enablment - and neither is the PM...the team enables (period)...PMs/CSMs remove constraints to allow the team to enable.**


**Is the success of SCRUM more risky for PMs than CSMs -   Are CSMs fired when they fail?  Are PMs fired when they fail?**


**Not all PMs are commanding and controlling, but the perception is there among teams that this is the case.  How do we combat that?**


**Servant leadership can lead to 'PM Pergatory' - where the PM is not involved at all in the scrum team...all they do is administrative tasks independent of the rest of the team - they have been assigned by role only and are not an active scurm team participant.**


**What is the trend we're seeing?  Forget about defined roles and deal with it.**


**in one case a manager is required to participate within a project for legal reasons - reduced liability - we could replace the manager role with something other than a PM...maybe a Project Sponsor.**


**Consider replacing the title Project Manager title with Project Leader title to align with industry changes.**


One participant explained how they do it where he works:

Each SCRUM project is assigned a single CSM.  This CSM completed ALL leadership tasks (to include subtle control and administrative).  There are several SCRUM projects aligned with a single LOB.  Each LOB presents the project teams with a budget and a product backlog list (prioritized).  A Director meets with the project teams and asks them which product backlog items they can deliver, identifying capacity for whatever the sprint period is.  The director brings the items that can be delivered within the budget provided back to the LOB and they 'haggle'.  One thing that was discovered is that you CANNOT define what will be delivered within a sprint with any real detail until you have some sprints completed (and have captured some capacity/velocity metrics).  There is some adjustment period and a time when you cannot give the LOB the 'safe and predictable results' they want.  But in reality, they don't get that now...SWAGS aren't any safer!**

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