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How to become a good ScrumMaster

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ScrumMasters are key to Scrum. They are in charge of the success of the team. In this session we discovered skills and behaviours, as well as activities that are necessary for good ScrumMasters.

First -- Thanks to everybody in this session. It was a pleasure to host this for you. Boris


Meeting Topic: How to become a good ScrumMaster



  • Boris Gloger (session host) / boris(dot)gloger(AT)gmail(dot)com 
  • Darron Brant  / darron(dot)brant(dot)ikyv(AT)statefarm(dot)com
  • Sarah Pochyla  / sarah_pochyla(at)keybank(dot)com
  • Lance Dacy / ldacy(at)fellowshiptech.com
  • Dave Patty-G'Sell / dave(dot)patty-gsell.jill(at)statefarm(dot)com
  • Emilia Starkmann / emilia(dot)starkman(at)rmtgroup(dot).fi
  • Rowan Bunning / rowan(dot)bunning(at)softwarewithstyle(dot)com
  • Kristan Blake / Kristan(dot)Blake(at)capitalone(dot)com
  • Brian Cross / bcross(at)tele-works.com
  • Chris Posrow / chris(dot)prosrow(at)tele-works.com
  • Maria G-illowaz / mgallowaz(smcoast(dot)com
  • cheryl.neeser(at)fnis(dot)com
  • Jennifer Wilson / jwilson(at)medplus.com
  • Sarina Golden / sarina(dot)golden(at)wolterskluwer(dot)com
  • Gene Super / Gene(at)genesuper.com
  • qvanosdel(at)oppd(dot)com
  • Kathy Freemann / freeman(at)hotmail(dot)com
  • Lee Hanson / Leehanson(at)gmail(dot)com
  • Graver Trunell / Graver(dot)Trunell(dot)Cq4K(at)statefarm(dot)com



2 PM, March 17, 2000, Olrlando, Scrum Gathering



  • 20 min round discussion - What let people grow 
  • 10 min wrap up 
  • 15 min Exercise: Leadership Stories / write down your Aha's 
  • 10 min presentation
  • 5 minutes: Future Pace - Take away with you 




We identified a couple of things you can do to be a good ScrumMaster

  • Teach the team accountabilitu
  • Teach the team to accept consequences
  • Let them fail on their own
  • Use Games to help them to relate to their experience
  • Check your own agenda
  • Be able to stand silence
  • Ask open questions
  • A ScrumMaster has no power
  • A ScrumMaster can compare the team to another team = Benchmarking!
  • Modell yourself
  • One-on-one coaching
  • Group facilitation -- Retrospectives
  • Get to know your people
  • Teach your people techniques f.e. conflict resolution
  • Transparency / Visibility


Does a ScrumMaster needs a full time position?

Depends on the maturity of the team


Maturity low  x  o

                    x        o

                    x              o

                    x                   o

                    x                        o

                    x                              o

                    x                                   o

Maturity high x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x


                      time spend to lead the team ------>


So as more mature the team is, as more time the ScrumMaster has to work with the organization:


  • Work with the Product Owner
  • and challenge the team more.


Findings from our Leadership Story Telling exercise:


  •  To show leadership you need TRUST
  • To led you need Experience
  • Leading by example = ongoing learning
  • Open to others
  • Improve and manage
  • Listen closely
  • SHARE your knowledge
  • Communicate with people
  • GAIN experience


  • Took initiative to discuss / PO to Rest
  • Used Games to motivate
  • Explained failure to senior management and know it would be achieved in the future


  • Dev reports issues to VP
  • VP acknowledges concern
  • VP tasks manaer creating process --- Issue resolved


  • PM taked creating process manager gives complete ownership to PM
  • This lead to growth / satisfaction / empowerment and this encourage the PM to be better


  • Mentor providing framework for taking accountability
  • Promoted open dialogue in turn solving issues.



  • Stacia Broderick "A project managers guide to agile"
  • First Among Equals, by Patrck J McKenna and David H. Maister
  • John Kotter, Leading Change


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