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Participant List

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Name Business Contact Interests
Chris Sims Technical Management Inst. chrissims@tmiagile.com coaching & training
Ainsley Nies Acorn Consulting   facilitation, PM, retrospectives
Hillary Johnson Technical Management Inst. hillary@tmiagile.com content, publishing
Gordon Cloke
Web-based Telephony, Speech Technology g.cloke@acm.org making stuff happen
Philippe Kruchten Professor of Software Engineering and consultant pbk@ece.ubc.ca software development processes and software architecture
Charlie Kennedy Natiowide Insurance  kennedc9@nationwide.com 

web application development 

Siraj Sirajuddin CourAgile



Agile Coaching for High Performing Teams, Poems, Coaching Children
Christoph Weiss Scrum Coach at the Scrum Center of Allianz Deutschland AG christoph.weiss@allianz.de coaching & training
Christopher Rued XSB  Inc christor@gmail.com making work enjoyable and satisfying


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