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Page history last edited by Jesse Fewell 11 years, 6 months ago
  • The PMI/Agile "gap" is more a gap between the traditional management mindset and the Agile mindset. Traditionalists have to go through a personal journey that eventually bridges that gap.
  • Employees often take the easy way out. Whether using PMI/Project Management as a scapegoat for organizational dysfunction or using Agile as a scapegoat for project failure.
  • Often workers have a group identity (mac vs. PC = Agile vs. PMI) that distracts us away from pragmatism and moves us more towards fundamentalism
  • Scrum certification is a hook to Scrum itself, which is then a gateway drug to the Agile mindset
  • The terms "project manager", "product manager", and "program manager" each carry baggage unique to everyone. How those roles are morphed into Scrum roles is specific to a given situation

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