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Product Owner: Supporting a Diverse Set of Stakeholders (Lowell Lindstrom)

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For Product Owners and Those who Love Them: Supporting a Diverse Set of Stakeholders


This seed of this session was to explore experiences and techniques that help Product Owners effectively support a diverse set of stakeholders who often have conflicting priorities and needs.


Roughly 15 people participated (if you did, please add your name below)

Participants: Lowell Lindstrom, Mike Cottemeyer, Roman Pilcher, Kate Foss<your name here>,


Our discussion ranged across a number of topics of relevance to the Product Owner.  These included:

- the lack of material about how to be a good product owner

- the (over?) simplified definition of the role

- Product Owner Teams

- the overlap between what the Product Owner does and what a project manager traditionally does


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