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Scrum and HR

Page history last edited by Marites Pasiliao 11 years, 5 months ago

Discussion topics:

  • effect on rewards, bonuses
  • effect on organization structure and reporting lines


Attended by: 10-12 people from the conference


Session Notes:

  • Avoid cash bonuses based on individual or team performance as this creates unhealthy competition, people find ways to get around the "system", metrics are difficult to measure, a lot of admin effort.
  • Instead pay people their fair market value and motivate them in other ways
  • On reorganization, make sure that the roles and reporting lines are clear to avoid confusion and "power struggle" (ie Scrum Master VS Line Manager).
  • Individual performance appraisal may still be a "necessary evil" (ie. for legal purposes). Suggestions to make this the responsibility of a line manager which should take input from team and scrum master.
  • Still need further disscussions on: titles, career paths, reporting lines


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