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Scrum Tools

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Scrum Tools - Which Ones and Why


3:00 - 4:00 PM - 5 attendees


What are people using?



ScrumWorks - Standard and Pro

Target Process

Scrum Team System


What others have we heard about?




Rational Team Concert (maybe?)


Most prefer visible methods which allow team collaboration during planning. Concern over having a tool which only allows a single person to working at once versus surrounding a table with index cards or a similar system. Primary reason for adopting a tool rather than bulletin board planning is having a distributed team. If colocated it's very difficult to beat the visibility of a board.

ScrumWorks was recommended for small projects especially as a starting tool.

Rally and Version1 are both heavy weight tools but may be suited for large organizations.

Primary problem with spreadsheets is lack of visibility and sharing concerns (integrity of the data).



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